Posted by: eekaplanian1 | June 24, 2013

Saturday – Day 16

Brad asked if we wouldn’t mind it he came today to work more on the kitchen.  he feels a time crunch because he wants to have all the cabinets up before Tuesday when Greg and Bret come back.  Also, the appliances are coming on Thursday, which means he has to have the floor finished by Wednesday night; it is fine with us.  We went out to do some errands and shop for food, then came home.  He has been working on his Round Up and I have been catching up on this blog.  That means my blog has been rather neglected.

We left around 11 because Ed was helping him with the bigger upper cabinets – otherwise it is a bit more tricky for just one person.  So I didn’t have a chance to take pictures of the progress.  when we came home, it looked so cool, I sneaked a picture but Brad wanted us to wait until he was done.  I don’t want to spoil his surprise.


WOW!  It is really beginning to look and feel like a real kitchen am so pleased with our choices and the unexpected surprises.


He even has the cupboard above where the dishwasher goes.  I asked if he felt less stressed now and he said he did.  The papers taped to the window are from the inspectors. The green is for plumbing, the white for electrical.


Look at how wonderful my cabinets look and now there is an installed countertop as well.


There is more work space and the kitchen feels bigger.  We won’t have the long table there, so that will help a lot as well.


And my pantry!  I am so happy to have that, now I won’t have to look so hard for things.


Still some upper cabinets to install by the stove, but there is a lot more space here than yesterday.


Now we can move a little more easily to the front door, though I am not sure I am ready to do the obstacle course quite yet.

Now Brad can spend some time with his family Sunday before working on it again.  We have noticed for a long time that Brad is very meticulous about everything he does, I am so glad he is doing our kitchen.  I have to laugh because any time he goes near the bathroom he put in, he admires it and says how pleased with it he is – he says that quite often about the kitchen.  when the contractor is that pleased with it, that is the best compliment.


Tell me what you think, I would enjoy knowing what you have to say.

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