Posted by: eekaplanian1 | July 4, 2013

Day 22


The floor of the pantry still needs some new flooring and it turns out, there is enough to put at the top of the stairs.


Brad rehung the kitchen blind – he was so hot on Friday because the blind hasn’t been there.  Since I don’t want my contractor to get sick, I suggested rehanging the blind.  Today is such a hot day, I think he will appreciate things a bit cooler.


I am so glad to have it back myself, it really makes a difference in the temperature inside the house.


We had a spanner in the works – the electricity went off at 9:30 last night and was still off in the morning.  I had no idea what time it was when I called Brad to let him know – turns out it was just about 7, when I planned to call.  He appreciated that I let him know.  So he decided to work on where the knobs go, turned out to be an interesting discussion as to whether the knobs on the drawers would be centered or up a bit.  Then came the question of cupboard knobs and how to line them up.

Then I had to leave for my chiropractor appointment and massage.  I knew it would be comfortable in both places, I hoped the electricity would come back on soon.  Today is the hottest day so far.


I gave Brad my bucket of knobs, I am sure I have enough.


While I was gone, Brad went around the kitchen putting tape as he measured for the knobs.


My wee bucket of knobs.


I found the pantry door off –


The basement door on the porch too.


Brad opened up the paint shop again.  He is doing the outside with the trim color with the bricks and the interior side with the kitchen trim.


Unfortunately it was not the best day to paint because it was too hot.  The painted dried so fast he wasn’t able to have the clean strokes he wanted so it would have a smooth look.  He decided the other two doors would have to wait for another day.  It was around 11 when the electricity came back, so he could have used the saw and did what he needed to do if he wanted.

I know we are wimps when it comes to hot weather or really cold stuff – we aren’t used to it and as far as I am concerned, this is the only reasonable place to live.  I still don’t understand friends who tell me they love hot weather – the hotter, the better.

It is such an uncomfortably hot day, the night before was miserable to sleep.  I finally got up in the night, took my Arnica and went out into the living room to apply it because my shoulders hurt so much.  I think I slept in the chair a bit and around 4 went back to bed as Eddie was getting up to go to work.  I’ve been feeling at sixes and sevens all day, almost as if the world is scattered to the four winds and I don’t know how to pull it all back together.  I had a massage with Debye and was able to release some  really heavy crap I have been carrying around with me all my life.



  1. Well, I wondered where our heat had gone!! Last night it was down in the 50s up our way, and it was gray and cloudy until late afternoon, when it finally started to warm up a bit. Even now, it’s only 68, and I don’t think the house temperature (inside) got above 75. Hard to believe we live on the same side of the state!!
    Anyway, it’s fun to see things really taking shape for you. I’m sure by now you are getting impatient to get your own kitchen stuff unpacked and put away. Best to wait until you have knobs on those drawers and cupboards, though, so you can get at them again!!! 😉

    • Absolutely! I am a little behind getting things published. I have another one ready for tomorrow and another one for the following day. Brad will be back next week possibly to finish – he needed the holiday with his family this weekend. he has been working so hard for us!

      I a so glad it is cool and comfortable, the hot stuff isn’t my cup of tea. Sunday night and Monday were the worst. I am so glad it cooled down.

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